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Audience lab aims to diversify guitar festival’s audience by reaching youngsters and youth without musical education coming from socially disadvantaged areas and minored communities and to deepen the relationship with our current youth audience by creating a better experience for them.

Educational sub-platform

Educational and interactive concert (for ages up to 12) consisting of guitar playing and talking where guitar players, through communication with children, evoke the children’s need to think about music and to feel it more deeply.

Junior Guitar lessons (for ages up to 12 ) which will enable children to experience the guitar for the first time and possibly to learn to play their first chords under the supervision of the workshop lecturer

Classical Guitar on the Periphery (high school)

Volunteering Programme

Volunteering is a process of learning and developing that enables individuals to get a wider perspective, to network and meet new people with similar interests, to improve communication and team work skills. Through various volunteering programmes at member festivals, EuroStrings aims to bring closer classical guitar scene and volunteers, giving them an opportunity to explore the ‘behind-the-scene’ of the festivals, meet renowned artists, work with cultural professionals and co-create a better experience for festivals’ visitors.

Want to join the classical guitar community? Are you in the mood to be inspired?

Become a volunteer at EuroStrings festivals!

Outreach activities at EuroStrings Member Festivals (2nd year of the project)

Outreach activities at EuroStrings Member Festivals (1st year of the project)