Tampere Guitar Festival outreach activities


Tampere International Guitar Festival in Tampere, Finland, hosted 9 EuroStrings Artists – Misael Barraza – Diaz, Tomasz Radziszewski, Julia Trintschuk, Viktor Đuknić, Gábor Hart , Giulia Ballare, Yuki Saito, George Dimitrov & Emmanuel Sowicz. As a part of their outreach program called Guitar for All, which helps spark interest for classical guitar in the community, they visited the Youth Psychiatric Unit in Nokia and the Theatre for Disabled People in Tampere. Additionally, they were involved in the audience lab activites at Knuutila Mansion in Nokia, Pirkkala Old Church in Tampere, Main Library Metso and Rajaportin sauna. These performances are important, because they reach audiences in places were classical guitar isn’t usually present. All of the EuroStrings Artists also performed in a formal setting in the main hall of the Conservatory of Music in Tampere.