Uppsala International Guitar Festival outreach activities


Outreach activities at the Uppsala International Guitar Festival consisted of Workshop Methodology teaching kids by Matias Zloto that took place on October 6th. Moreover, there was a school tour with concerts and teaching in Uppsala and Enköping with Matias Zloto from October 7th until October 9th. One day later, on October 10th there was a masterclass with duo Sequeira-Lima – Dimitris Soukaras & Yuki Saito. Rehearsal with ensemble for the concert with Four Hands  alongside with m asterclass with Gohar Vardanyan Zuzanna Wezyk &  Giulia Ballaré as well as evening concert of Eurostrings artists was scheduled for October 11th. Day after that Uppsala Festival organised Concert called “Creating Musik Together”,  EA to kids & Young audience. Beside that, there was a rehearsal with ensemble for the concert with Four Hands and the last but not least, m asterclass with Ricardo Gallen Zuzanna Wezyk & Yuko Saito.

Outreach activities Uppsalla