EuroStrings Artists involved in outreach activities in London!


During the London Guitar Festival, EuroStrings Artists took a part in two outreach activities. The first outreach event was held at St. John’s Smith Square in central London, where  Euro Strings Artists artists performed pieces from different periods and demonstrated several techniques involved in playing their chosen pieces. They also gave practice tips, advice on how to progress as young musicians and stay motivated. The chemistry between all young artists was indeed unique as they are all very supportive of each other, creating a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. They proved themselves to be role models to young aspiring players in attendance.

The outreach work in Plashet School (East London) was also successful with a large number of school pupils in attendance. The EuroStrings artists provided a complete demonstration of the guitar, it’s origin, several musical examples spanning a wide variety of genres. They also provided guitar lessons to the group, talking about the benefits of posture, warming up and warming down before and after practice sessions. After, the artists answered all questions the pupils had on their minds.

EuroStrings Artists gave first-class performances as artists and also as teachers, and inspired a new generation of young guitarist in London.