Outreach activities at 5th edition of Zagreb Guitar Festival


This year’s Zagreb Guitar Festival expanded its outreach guitar activity throughout Croatia within the concert and masterclass cycle called “Guitar in Croatia”.

In cooperation with Croatian cultural institutions, young European guitar virtuosos, Eurostrings Artist and the winners of European guitar competitions traveled Croatia and performed concerts with an aim of broadening classical guitar audience. The concerts were held in Maksimir Center for Culture and Information, Concert Hall of the Music School in Novska, Karlovac Music School Concert Hall, Castle Lužnica in Zaprešić, Waldinger Gallery in Osijek, Concert Hall of Music School Alberta Štrige in Križevci, Galženica Hall, Open University Velika Gorica, Basilica of the Mother of God Bistrica in Marija Bistrica and Music School Erdody Patačić Palace concert Hall in Varaždin. The entrance to all concerts was free.

EuroStrings Artists also held masterclasses for children at Music School Alberta Štrige in Križevci, Karlovac Elementary Music School, Music school in Velika Gorica, Elementary Music School in Osijek and Elementary Music School in Marija Bistrica.

Besides the masterclasses and the concert cycle, the EuroStrings and ZGF guitar orchestra was formed as the part of audience development and outreach activities. The EuroStrings Artists that participated in Zagreb Guitar Festival Outreach activities are Gábor Hart, George Dimitrov – Jojo, Viktor Djuknic, Tomasz Radziszewski, Julia Trintschuk, Katarzyna Smolarek, Simone Rinaldo, Mateusz Kowalski, Yuki Saito, and You WU.