Lots of audience development opportunities at London Guitar Festival


Two EuroStrings Artists that were a part of the London Guitar Festival in 2021, Cristina Galietto and Franciois Xavier Dangremont participated in various audience development activities at the festival. The audience lab program featured lecture-recitals by EuroStrings Artists, masterclasses held by EuroStrings Artists to schoolchildren, EuroStrings Artists performances to schoolchildren as a trio and big ensemble of schoolchildren that performed to EuroStrings Artists.

Target groups that these activities were aimed to were primary school children, secondary school children from a school in the periphery. London Guitar Festival works with Haringey Music Service and Hub, school children in England all play an instrument for at least one year, this happens in-class format. Usually, the instrument used is the recorder or ukelele but in Haringey it is the guitar. 7000s school children play the guitar, there are over a 100 teachers. Haringey is an underserved area, very diverse and one of the most deprived.