Outreach activities at Tampere Guitar Festival


The EuroStrings Artists who have participated at Tampere Guitar Festival 2018, had the opportunity to be a part of many outreach activities. EuroStrings Artists gave masterclasses for children and for Guitar Students at Varala Sports Institute. Besides giving masterclasses, EuroStrings Artists were involved in outreach concerts at Flow Park,  Cafe Pispala, Rajaportin sauna, and at the event of Midnight Sun Guitar Cruise (Laukontori, M/S Slver Sky). EuroStrings Artists also discovered the secrets of Guitar to children at the Main Library Metso.

At the event „Guitar for people – Official After Party of TGF 2018“, EuroStrings Artists performed a concert at Pub Kujakolli. Outreach activities at Tallinn Guitar Festival reached an audience od 350 visitors.

The Festival also had several immigrants working as volunteers together with Finnish volunteers. They had a briefing session and did important work in customer service and as assistants. In addition, tens of paperless immigrants were invited to participate in EuroStrings Artists events for free. This was organized together with a local NGO Nyytti.