Mateusz Kowalski after the EuroStrings Winner USA Tour


The winner of the 2nd EuroStrings Competition 2019, Mateusz Kowalski has finished his EuroStrings Winner USA Tour. From February 2nd to February 23rd, he visited 7 states, did numerous concerts and amazing performances.  Not only that, he met some new people, made friendships and created memories that he will remember forever.  
Now that he’s back home, he is ready to share his favorite moments.  
What was your favorite part of this tour? 
My favorite part of this tour was, of course, giving concerts. Performing for a lot of guitarists, but also for many, many people who have never heard classical music played on a guitar was truly a gift. Talking with them after the concerts, listening to what they had to say about the emotions and what they felt while listening to my performances. Being able to see how my music affects people was maybe even better than actually playing.  
Which performance would you consider as the most successful one? 
It’s hard to pick. Where ever I played, I was lucky to have a wonderful, attentive audience. Perhaps, that’s in general what American audience is all about? They were extremely attentive, encouraging me to really open myself to them and try to speak through my music straight to their hearts. With that kind of a performer-audience connection, every concert was rewarding and I found each of them to be successful.  
Which place on this tour left you speechless, where would you like to come back and perform once again? 
Every place had its special charm and character. Austin with their amazing Guitar Society, Las Vegas and its wonderful music high schools, New York and its big city vibe, Louisville as one of the best venues for a guitar, Spokane with such a vibrant guitar community, Hawaii with its diverse nature, Portland, a city so full of people who love classical guitar, Los Angeles – an unforgettable West Coast vibe. I would love to visit these cities once again in the future and, luckily, every concert organizer told me that they will bring me to the US again very soon!