Twents Gitaarfestival 2020


We are pleased to announce that, despite the difficulties of Covid-19 and being forced to postpone the festival itself, Twents Gitaarfestival 2020 took the initiative early on to develop the TGFnl 2020 online edition in July 2020 where they featured four EuroStrings ArtistsSilvio Bilić (Croatia), Luis Alejandro Garcia (Spain), Ema Kapor (Serbia), Maja Kralj (Slovenia).


TGFnl 2020 organised and recorded masterclasses by the four EuroStrings Artists for local guitar students at the Kaliber Art School Enschede,on 4 July 2020. These were recorded and used to create a compilation video.

Guitar in the Classroom

They recorded a 30-minute instruction video for schoolchildren, titled: ‘What is a Guitar: How to Start Playing Guitar’. The video was recorded on 6 and 13 July 2020at the Studio Pim Weierink, Overdinkel. This video has been offered to schools – and a number of guitars, can be loaned out for use during the broadcast of the video. They have also been collecting video material from earlier TGFnl festivals.

Visit TGFnl’s website, as well as their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Twents Gitaarfestival 2020

Much of the programme originally planned for this year’s Twents Gitaarfestival 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, they took this opportunity to focus even more strongly on the resources that they offered through their outreach programme and Guitar in the Classroom projects. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to find new ways to work and share our music. The year 2020 has been a very different one for everyone. Hopefully, in 2021, we will be able to move from online concerts back to live events, however, some of the best new practices which have been developed during the lockdown could also be useful.

For the complete programme of the Twents Gitaarfestival 2020, see:

*Photo credit: Twents Gitaarfestival