The classical music month will be filled with EuroStrings activities


We have entered September, the classical music month! Since 1994, the world has been celebrating the magic of this music genre and we can’t hide our excitement for all the upcoming concerts our EuroStrings Artists will play through this month and show the audiences all over Europe the beauties of classical music on a guitar!

A few EuroStrings Artists will have an opportunity to play a concert at the legendary Musikverein Vienna, a concert hall that has hosted the stars of classical music for 150 years. All that while visiting the International Guitar Festival Rust. After that, another one of our partner festivals will start. It will be the Tallinn Guitar Festival that will host another group of talented young EuroStrings Artists. The cherry on top of classical music month will be Peja International Guitar Festival that will also host one of our EuroStrings Artist and our 2020 EuroStrings competition winner.

Here’s to an eventful month that will be filled with EuroStrings activities celebrating classical music with our six-stringed instrument!

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