Join us at GuitArt festival in Plovdiv


The GuitArt Festival platform is an event driven by the local musical community in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and their passion for the Guitar, as an instrument that has the ability to unite musicians and hobbyists from diverse cultural backgrounds. As one of the most popular and widely played musical instruments, they will be celebrating the Guitar in all its facets, its place in the development of pop and rock music, its classical music heritage and the joys it brings to the people who play and listen to it.

This year’s GuitArt will last from 24th to 27th October 2020 and if you are, by any chance, in Bulgaria, you will be able to visit and listen EuroStrings artists Giulia Ballaré, Zuzanna Wężyk, George Dimitrov, Dimitris Soukaras and Radu Valcu and follow guitar competition and be the first to find out our new EuroStrings Artist.


GuitarArt Plovdiv, 2019