Guimaraes International Guitar Festival 2018 opened its doors


EuroStrings is proud to be a part of the Guimaraes International Guitar Festival between 18th and 29th December 2018. During the festival 5 EuroStrings Artists will participate in its events: Giulia Ballare (Italy), Simone Rinaldo (Italy), Yuki Saito (Japan), Katarzyna Smolarek (Poland) and Julia Trintschuk (Germany).

These artists will be headlining concerts, taking part in workshops (including one by Brian Head, Artistic Director of Guitar Foundation of America and international French classical guitarist Judicael Perroy) as well as giving workshops to children aged between 3 and 12 who have never before played guitar from selected schools in Guimaraes such as Colegio de Vila Pouca and Patronato Nossa Senhora da Oliveira. Some of these EuroStrings Artists will be involved in the jury of the younger age categories in the Cidade de Guimaraes International Guitar Competition.

World-renowned guitarists, educators and researchers, representing more than 20 countries will be present at the 5th Guimaraes International Guitar Festival. The 2018 programme includes 15 concerts,14 masterclasses, “Cidade de Guimaraes International Guitar Competition, “EuroStrings Artists Exchange Program”, “EuroStrings Partners Meeting” and conferences.

There will be several educational programs such as “Guitar for All” workshops too. There will be a lecture entitled “Music as a Window to the Brain” which looks at the brain in a different way – not by what music can contribute to the development of the brain, but what the study of the brain of musicians can contribute to the evolution of science and the study of the brain. This lecture will be led by Tiago Gil Oliveira, a neuroscientist and a Professor at University of Minho, who studies learning and memory in Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information read the press release.