EuroStrings Artists’ concert in Musikverein


Five EuroStrings Artists had a very special Thursday evening. As a part of the International Guitar Festival Rust 2020, Agustin Nazetta (from Argentina), David Fellegi (from Hungary), Pablo Menendez (from Spain), Luis Alejandro Garcia (from Spain) and Cassie Martin (from France) performed live in one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls – Musikverein in Vienna.

After many months of uncertanty caused by the coronavirus, the Artists got a chance to play live. And for some of them, playing at this magnificent venue was a real dream come true.

We are so happy they experienced the magic of Musikverein in its full glory! Even more so we are so happy that they were able to get back on the stage and show everyone there their talent and hard work!

Pablo Menendez (left), Cassie Martin (middle), Luis Alejandro Garcis (right) – in front of the Musikverein, Vienna.