Viktor Đuknić

Viktor Đuknić was born in 1992 in Valjevo, Serbia. At age 8 he started to play guitar. Finished elementary and secondary music education in the class of prof. Milkica Ponjavic. In 2011 enrolled into the Faculty of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia) in the class of Mr. Zoran Krajisnik. Finished Masters studies in the class of prof. Srdjan Tosic with the highest marks on the same faculty.

During his music education, he won numerous international and domestic awards. In 2014 he won first prize in Tremolo Festival, Skopje (Macedonia) and pronounced for the laureate of this festival. The same year he became a scholarship holder of the embassy of Azerbaijan like most relevant soloist of the Faculty of Arts in Novi Sad. In 2016 he performed solo with the choir of Faculty of Arts in Novi Sad performing ‘’Romancero Gitano’’ of composer M.C.Tedesko.

In 2017 he won first prize in the international competition in Tivat (Montenegro). In 2018 he won the third place in Guitar Art Festival in Belgrade (Serbia), first place on the International Guitar Festival in Kjustendil (Bulgaria) where he is pronounced for laureate of the competition and the second prize International Guitar Festival in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He has worked with renowned professors like Ernesto Bitetti, Roman Viazovskiy, Ištvan Roemer, Johannes Moller, and others…