Marcell Nickmann

Marcell Nickmann was born in Budapest, Hungary and started playing the classical guitar at 14 with his first teacher, Sándor Árok. He quickly achieved success in regional and national competitions, winning several first prizes, which offered opportunities such as performing with the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Chamber Orchestra in their matinée series. In 2016, he began studying with Andrea Bozóki at the Music Faculty of University of Szeged. Since 2018, he has been working with Dávid Pavlovits. In 2019, after finishing his Bachelor degree, Marcell Nickmann won Third Prize in the Tallinn International Guitar Competition and Second Prize in the Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Competition.
Marcell Nickmann is involved in contemporary music projects playing in different chamber formations. In February 2019, he premièred Claude Vivier’s Pour guitare in Hungary, and with his duo partner, the guitarist Dóra Cserenyec, they premièred Salita in discesa – a microtonal work written for them by the electro-acoustic composer Ákos Nagy. In 2020, as well as continuing to première pieces in Hungary with Dóra Cserenyec, and performing Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Tierkreis, Marcell Nickmann began to focus on early music, recently transcribing the works of the French Baroque composer Louis Couperin. In October 2020, Marcell Nickmann won First Prize in the Szeged International Guitar Competition.