Dmytro Omelchak-min

Dmytro Omelchak


Dmytro Omelchak was born in 1990 in Ukraine and first started playing the guitar when he was eight years old. From 2005 he studied at the College of Arts in Lugansk and continued his studies at the National University of Arts in Kharkov from 2010. In 2013 Dmytro Omelchak began studying in Germany at the Muenster Music High School under professor Reinbert Evers and has been studying since 2015 under professor Tomasz Zawierucha at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen (Germany). He has had the privilege of attending and participating in masterclasses with musicians such as Marcin Dylla, Olaf van Gonnissen, Allan Neave, Roman Viazovskiy, Hubert Käppel, Jens Wagner, Zoran Dukic.

Dmytro Omelchak has won numerous international competitions:

2010 International Guitar Competition in “Tallinn 2010”, Estonia (1st prize and special prize for the best performance of the compulsory piece)

2011 III International Guitar Competition “Gitas”, Kiev, Ukraine (1st prize)

2014 V International Guitar Competition “Gredos San Diego”, Madrid, Spain (2nd prize)

2015 XXXIV International Guitar Competition, Altheim, Austria (3rd prize)

2015 XXIV International Guitar Competition, Brno, Czech Republic (1st prize)

2016 Folkwang International Guitar Competition, Essen, Germany (1st prize)

2016 GWK Music Prize, Muenster, Germany (1st prize)

2016 Brussels International Guitar Competition “Nikolas Alfonso” under the Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, Brussel, Belgium (3rd prize)

2016 V London International Guitar Competition, London, England (2nd prize)

2017 Twents International Guitar Competition, Enschede, Netherlands (1st prize)