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Agustín Nazzetta

Agustín Nazzetta has formed his distinctive artistic qualities by studying with the renowned Argentinian guitar players Pablo Márquez, María Isabel Siewers and Javier Bravo. Born in 1990 in Argentina, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in music from the National Arts University Institute (IUNA) Department of Musical Arts ‘Carlos López Buchardo’, studying with Javier Bravo. In 2012, he moved to Salzburg to pursue a Masters at the Universität Mozarteum with María Isabel Siewers. He currently studies in Basel, Switzerland with Pablo Márquez.

In February 2011, he was selected at the 2011 La Falda International Classical Guitar Meet to perform as a soloist in a series of concerts with the Orchestra of the National Congress. He won First Prize at both the Incontri Chitarristici di Gargnano in Italy and the International Guitar Festival Rust 2019 in Austria. In addition to his career as a soloist, his interest in contemporary music has led him to work with young composers, ensembles and conductors.