Marco Vega (International Guitar Festival Jose Tomas Villa de Petrer)

Marco Vega started in 2004 at age 10 with the Professor Ramón Vergara in the Liceo Experimental Artístico, passing in 2011 to study under Romilio Orellana at the University of Chile. In 2015 he changed from professor Orellana to study under Ernesto Quezada Bouey, and after his death In 2017 he studies under professor Luis Orlandini in the same institution.

In addition to his formal studies, he worked under Manuel Olivares since 2012 (Master in Music Performance Appalachian State University) at his private studio in matters such as overall coordination (Alexander Technique), classical guitar technique and musical artistry.

He has participated in master classes with world-class concert players like Carlos Pérez (Chile) – José Antonio Escobar (Chile) Eduardo Garci (Argentina) Alex Garrobe (Spain) Thomas Müller – Pering (Germany) Leo Brouwer (Cuba) Aniello Desiderio (Italy) and Marcin Dylla (Poland).

He obtained the following awards:

  • Finalist at the Third International Guitar Competition “Alvaro Mantovani” Italy / the year 2018
  • First Place II International Guitar Competition “Punta de Punta del Este” Uruguay / the year 2017
  • First Place Contest “Senador Gabriel Valdés” Macro Zona Centro – Santiago Chile / the year 2017
  • First Place X National Guitar Competition “Liliana Pérez Corey” (professional category) – Concepción Chile/ the year 2017
  • First Place I National Guitar Competition “Arturo González Quintana” (professional category) Santiago Chile / the year 2015
  • First Place X International Guitar Competition “Cesar Cortinas” (Professional category) – Uruguay year 2012.
  • Second Place III International Guitar Competition “Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires” – Argentina / the year 2015
  • Second place in the II National Contest of Guitar ¨CarlosPimentel¨- Santiago Chile / the year 2016
  • Second place in the I International Competition of guitar “Homage” Talca Chile / the year 2016

In 2015,2016, 2017 and 2018 he obtained the scholarship of the Corporación de Amigos del Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile, the award given to the most remarkable students throughout the country.

Marco Vega is the EuroStrings Scholarship Winner for the International Guitar Festival Jose Tomas Villa de Petrer.