Florian Colombet

The winner of the third EuroStrings Composition Contest for classical guitar is Florian Colombet. His piece called “Under the willow” amazed the jury and won the first prize. The winning composition will be a compulsory piece in the final of the upcoming 4th EuroStrings Guitar Competition. Furthermore, “Under the willow” will also be performed by the winner of the 4th EuroStrings Guitar Competition at the 16 EuroStrings Festivals. As the winner, he will be awarded with 1500€ cash prize (bruto). Big congratulations to Florian!

Under the willow 

Florian Colombet is a guitarist and a composer who is passionate about the diversity of music styles. He began to study the guitar at the Nantes Conservatory in the class of Michel Grizard, where he practiced jazz and percussion at the same time, then went to the Pont Supérieur d’Enseignement in Rennes where he obtained his bachelor’s degree of musician-performer in the class of Roberto Aussel and Hervé Merlin. In 2018, he obtained a master’s degree in musical education after obtaining a master of performance in the class of guitarist-composer Dusan Bogdanovic. Florian has taken courses with several personalities from classical music such as Judicaël Perroy or Pablo Marquez and from the world of jazz, such as Médéric Collignon. At the end of 2018, he founded with Bogdan Mihailescu and Thomas Riamon the Lumen guitar trio which plays transcriptions of Ravel, Poulenc… He also plays with the jazz saxophonist Simon Corneille. He is part of several groups of various styles and also performs solo, notably at the Chanteuges festival in 2017 or La Bâtie festival in Geneva in 2018. He won the first prize at the Drôme de Guitare composition competition in 2019. He currently teaches at the Montreux Vevey-Riviera Conservatory.