Carlotta Dalia (Zagreb Guitar Festival)

Carlotta Dalia was born in Grosseto (Italy) August 25th 1999. She began to study classical guitar at the age of 8 with Maestro Alessandro Nobili, then with Maestro Alessandro Benedettelli and Maestro Fabio Montomoli. Subsequently with Maestro Aniello Desiderio.

At present she is a student of Maestro Frèdèric Zigante.

She has already participated in major public performances at numerous festivals in Italy and abroad, holding her first solo recital at the age of 12. She currently attends the Bachelor Course at the Academic Institute of Musical Studies “R. Franci” in Siena, Italy, where she was admitted at age of 14 with honors, now is at 3rd year in the class of M° Marco Del Greco.
Since 2013 she regularly attends the Improvers Course held by Maestro Carlo Marchione at the Municipal School of Arts in Rome, Italy. She attended master classes with Leo Brower, Aniello Desiderio, Marcin Dylla, Gianpaolo Bandini, Adriano Del Sal and Arturo Tallini.

Carlotta Dalia is the EuroStrings Scholarship Winner for the Zagreb Guitar Festival.