Barbara Bede (1)

Barbara Bede (Vojvodina Guitar Fest)

Barbara Bede lives in Feketić, a small town in the north of Vojvodina province, and is in fifth grade in a local music school in Bačka Topola. Her guitar teacher is Jožef Dudaš. Since 2017, she has been winning first prizes in many of the competitions that she participates in. Barbara got her first guitar at the age of seven and soon after she started playing. She first attended private lessons and two years later she enrolled in a music school in Bačka Topola. She would like to continue with her music school education after finishing primary school. Some of her amazing achievements include:

1st prize at “Music days” in Bačka Topola (2017, 2018, 2019)
1st prize at “Fantast” in Bečej (2017, 2018, 2019)
1st prize at “Young virtuoso” in Belgrade (2017, 2019)
1st prize at “Vojvodina guitar fest” in Novi Sad (2018, 2019)
1st prize at Memorial “Dušan Protić” in Belgrade (2018, 2019)
1st prize at International guitar fest in Szeged (2019)
2nd prize at Serbian National competition in Belgrade (2018)