New generation of EuroStrings Artists


In November 2018, a new generation of EuroStrings Artists, young professionals, winners of international competitions of the festivals that are members of the EuroStrings Platform, visited baroque castle Luznica in Zapresic (Croatia) for their first EuroStrings meeting.

Through the EuroStrings Exchange Programme, these artists are awarded a year-long touring program, focusing on festival visits within Europe, following a carefully curated program called EuroStrings Curriculum. This program involves work with professionals from the field called EuroStrings Ambassadors and other industry specialists in developing geared workshops, teaching, community outreach, chamber and solo appearances. At the end of the year-long program, a big EuroStrings Competition will be organized for them, offering to only one of them the chance to continue the tour globally in the following year. EuroStrings Artists are the staple of EuroStrings excellence and are the future of our instrument.

EuroStrings Artists of 2018/2019 are:

Giulia Ballaré, Italy

Misael Barraza-Diaz, Mexico

George Dimitrov, Bulgaria

Viktor Đuknić, Serbia

Peter Graneis, Germany

Gábor Hart, Hungary

Mateusz Kowalski, Poland

Tomasz Radziszewski, Poland

Simone Rinaldo, Italy

Yuki Saito, Japan

Katarzyna Smolarek, Poland

Dimitris Soukaras, Greece

Emmanuel Sowicz, UK/Chile

Julia Trintschuk, Germany

Radu Valcu, Romania

You Wu, China

Zuzanna Wężyk, Poland