International Guitar Festival and Competition – City of Mottola 2020


EuroStringsthe European Guitar Festival Collaborative is pleased to announce the 28th INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL – CITY of MOTTOLA 2020 that will be held online from 5th until 13th September 2020, including the 26th International Guitar Competition of Musical Performance for Guitar – City of Mottola that will be also held online from 1st until 12th September 2020. The competition is open to guitarists of all nationalities born after 1 January 1985.
Entry Deadline is 20th of August, 2020.

The long list of Prizes includes:
First Prize
– €3500
‘City of Mottola’ Prize €1500
‘Lions Club Massafra-Mottola Le Cripte’ Prize €1500
‘Musique et Memoire’ Prize €500 Prize dedicated to Roland Dyens and Maria Grazia Agrusti-Durante
‘EuroStrings – European Guitar Festival Collaborative’ Prize The winner of our Competition will be part of the EuroStrings Artist project, which provides for a concert tour in the 17 European Guitar Festivals of the EuroStrings Platform.
‘Savarez Prize’
‘dotGuitar Prize’ Recording contract with dotGuitar WebLabel for the distribution of a CD for guitar on major digital distribution channels worldwide.

Second Prize
‘City of Mottola’ Prize €1000 – ‘Savarez Prize’

Third Prize
‘City of Mottola’ Prize €500 – ‘Savarez Prize’

26th International Guitar Competition of Musical Performance for Guitar – City of Mottola will be in three rounds:

  1. Preliminary round – with recorded video;
  2. Semifinal round – with recorded video;
  3. Final round – Live Streaming on YouTube and Facebook
    on Saturday 12 September 2020 at 19.00.

    The jury of international artists includes President Roberto Aussel (Argentina), Hubert Käppel (Germany), Carlo Marchione (Italy), Anabel Montesinos (Spain), Mak Grgic (Slovenia).

    The set pieces for each round and video recording requirements are available at:

EuroStrings Artists featured at 28th International Guitar Festival – City of Mottola 2020 are Silvio Bilić (Croatia), Dávid Fellegi (Hungary), Cassie Martin (France), Bruno Pino Mateos (Spain), Lovro Peretić (Croatia), and Mateusz Kowalski (Poland), winner of the 2019 Second EuroStrings Guitar Competition.

As part of winning First Prize, Mateusz Kowalski has since embarked on an international concert tour in Europe, America and Asia, where he is being received with critical acclaim. Classical Guitar Magazine describes him as a
‘spectacular’ musician with ‘truly breathtaking’ interpretations. Mateusz Kowalski has been winning prizes in international guitar competitions over the past few years and is now emerging as a star on the international concert platform.

For full EuroStrings Artists profiles, visit:

About International Guitar Festival and Competition – City of Mottola 2020:
Masterclasses will be given by Roberto Aussel, Hubert Käppel, Carlo Marchione, Anabel Montesinos and Mateusz Kowalski (3–13 September 2020) and will be broadcast live on the popular channels.
For the complete programme, see

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