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EuroStrings at Strongroom Music Studios


What a week for EuroStrings. We leave behind a four days long competition, two days of conference meetings and three days of recording at Strongroom Music Studios (with the wonderful Rob Kelly Music) for the new EuroStrings Artists CD, which will be available next season. The event was organized and hosted by Tom Kerstens and the International Guitar Foundation partner team in London.

Thank you goes to all amazing out-of-this-world EuroStrings artists for their music and good energy: Misael Barraza Díaz, Simone Rinaldo – Classical Guitarist, Mateusz Kowalski, Giulia Ballaré, Yuki Saito, George Dimitrov – Jojo, Gábor Hart, Peter Graneis – Guitarist, Dimitris Soukaras, Manny Sowicz, Katarzyna Smolarek – Classical Guitarist, Zuzanna Wężyk, Julia Trintschuk, Viktor Djuknic, Tomasz Radziszewski & Radu Valcu.

EuroStrings at Strongroom, 2019