EuroStrings Artists united in music: Te Deum composition


#CreativeEuropeAtHome is bringing you Classical guitar against Corona: EuroStrings home sessions! 
In these times when self-isolation is saving lives, togetherness is all we need!
Because EuroStrings is the first European classical guitar platform co-financed by Creative Europe, 17 talented ES Artists, the winners of 17 classical guitar festivals from 2019, are united to show that music is the best medicine. They are bringing you a composition that is a symbol of European unity and togetherness. 

Any of this would not be possible without the incredible Zagreb Guitar Festival team whose idea came to life with this video. Moreover, special thanks to music producer Ante Gelo, and Video Production who created this amazing video.

The most important message that we are trying to send through this video is to stay home! We can’t wait the times when the classical guitar world will be united on the famous European stages, but for now – our story continues online! Join us on that journey and follow our social networks for more content like this.