EuroStrings 2nd year launch – Unity for the classical guitar


This next year of EuroStrings offers more players, festivals and music. The collaborative has grown from 14 to 17 festivals giving an even larger base for the EuroStrings Artists to spread their wings and play.

This next year EuroStrings will be widening its resources and making the platform more accessible to others by:

  • Introducing the EuroStrings Ambassadors’ Circle: This new scheme will allow established international musicians to impart integrall knowledge and skills to EuroStrings Artists in a structured manner across the EuroStrings network in masterclasses and workshops, as well as providing a platform stage for the Ambassadors themselves. The Ambassadors are: Leo Brouwer, David Russell, Ricardo Gallen,Assad Brothers, Aniello Desiderio.
  • Establishing a collaboration with Tonebase: Tonebase is an online forum and resource for guitar education and performance.
  • Introducing a EuroStrings Educational Curriculum: This is a broad curriculum encompassing essential industry knowledge for the EuroStrings Artists. Workshops will include: PR/Marketing, Public Speaking, Professional Presentation, Concert Production, Fundraising, Business Communication and more
  • Opening Memberships for European Festivals and Individuals: While EuroStrings has been open to Festivals across Europe to apply it will soon be open for Festivals (EuroStrings Collaborators) and individuals (EuroStrings Associates) to apply.
  • New Composition Competition (click here for more info)
  • On CD!: A first CD compilation (recorded at the StrongRooms in London), will be released of EuroStrings Artists performing works they’ve played throughout their time on the EuroStrings programme.