Announcing the semifinalists of the 4th EuroStrings Guitar Competition


The first round of the 2021 EuroStrings Guitar Competition that featured fourteen EuroStrings Artists is finished! Eleven guitarists performed in person, while three of them performed online in real time. There are only eight places in the semifinal, and EuroStrings Artists who will proceed in the next round are (in alphabetical order, starting from letter H):
Jack Hancher
Marcin Kuzniar
Filip Mišković
Marcell Nickmann
Bianka Szalaty
Alvaro Toscano
Jiujiu Wu
Cristina Galietto

Congratulations to our semifinalists and the rest of the Artists on their amazing performances! Join us tomorrow from 16:00 (CET) for the streaming of the semifinal round after which only four competitors will secure their spots in the big finals. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to get more competition updates! In case you missed the first round, you can watch it here (part one) and here (part two).