Announcing Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2020


EuroStrings – the European Guitar Festival Collaborative is pleased to announce the online edition of 9th Sarajevo International Guitar Festival from 8 November – December 2020. Five EuroStrings Artists who will be a part of the festival this year are Carlo Curatolo (Italy), Maja Kralj (Slovenia), Pablo Menéndez (Spain), Pavel Ralev (Bulgaria), and Zsombor Sidoo (Hungary).

EuroStrings Artists’ online concert will begin with Pablo Menendez on Sunday, November 8th at 20:30 (CET) streaming on Sarajevo Festival Facebook page. Moreover, Goran Krivokapić will give masterclasses to the EuroStrings Artists.

The International Competition will be held in the last week of November 2020 with no age limit for entrants. The entry deadline is 15 November 2020. For full details, see

About Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2020

The Sarajevo International Guitar Festival is celebrating its 9th anniversary in 2020. Most of the concerts, as with the competition, are being held online. On Sunday 8 November 2020, they will begin with daily online concerts of five EuroStrings Artists.

Sarajevo International Guitar Festival has a continuing history of nourishing art music in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in 2011 by the Association of Guitarists in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the desire to advance the art of guitar playing in the country. Since then, the festival has offered over 40 concerts by internationally renowned guitarists, while the educational component has featured lecturers and pedagogues from over 20 countries, whose workshops have been attended by over 700 young guitarists, teachers and professors.
The main goals of the festival include strengthening national and international cooperation among artists, pedagogues and instrument makers, all of whom allow students, by forging mutual ties, to elevate their own knowledge to a higher level and spread their positive artistic experiences and impressions of Bosnia and Herzegovina across the world. Thus, the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival structure is based on four fundamental elements: concerts, an international guitar competition in five categories, masterclasses and a Guitar Expo aimed at promoting regional instrument makers.

For the complete programme of the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2020, see:

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