14th edition of Tallinn Guitar Festival opening its doors on June 8, 2019


14th Tallinn Guitar Festival will present 17 concerts, the international classical guitar competition, lectures and masterclasses. EuroStrings Artists Tomasz Radziszewski, the winner of Tallinn Guitar Festival International Competition 2018, and Jesse Flowers, the winner of the 1st Eurostrings Competition 2018 will open the Tallinn Guitar Festival on June 8 at St. Nicholas Church in Tallinn. Headliners of the 14th edition are Aniello Desiderio, Tilman Hoppstock and Frank Vignola – Vinny Raniolo duo.

Eurostrings Artists taking part in Tallinn Guitar Festival are Tomasz Radziszewski (Poland), Viktor Đuknić (Serbia), Misael Barraza – Diaz (Mexico), Julia Trintschuk (Germany), Gábor Hart (Hungary), Yuki Saito (Japan), Simone Rinaldo (Italy), Emmanuel Sowicz (Chile) and Radu Valcu (Romania). They will be giving concerts and masterclasses, learning from great masters and successful musicians. Concerts will be held in emblematic historical and modern venues of Tallinn.

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