Happy Europe Day 2021


Today we celebrate Europe Day!

We are so proud of our project EuroStrings: Guitars 4 Tomorrow that premiered on this very day! Young European guitarists and Artistic Directors of European festivals connected through our platform- which is the first European classical guitar platform – with the great Maestro Leo Brouwer & Ediciones Espiral Eterna congratulate Europe Day.

Not only that, but we also mark the first four years of promotion, education and exchange of emerging artists as well as popularization of this instrument. All that while connecting the guitar world and promoting European culture inside and beyond its borders.

Enjoy this beautiful music and guitar sounds that not even a pandemic was able to silence. With this performance of “El ritmo de la ciudad” (The rhythm of the city), composed by Maestro Brouwer, we are sending a message of togetherness, unity and energy for the good of tomorrow!

Happy Europe Day!

*Big thanks also to Creative Europe for supporting us!

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